Seconds from Silence

Official Website Launched

June 06, 2019

Abstract Era Entertainment is proud to announce the development of “Seconds from Silence” through the launching of the title’s official website, You can learn all about the game by visiting the site and browsing through the content, news, forums and media pages. While the game is still early in development we, “Abstract Era Entertainment,” want to begin collecting community feedback and sharing news about the progress we’ve been making. We are very excited about the website launch as it also provides us with the opportunity to get to know the people that will be playing our game.

Seconds from Silence is a moddable action based massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMoRPG) being developed for PC and consoles. The game is set in a fantasy world where players will decide their own destiny; build their surroundings and transverse the unknown. The concept of the game is to simulate living a life in a medieval fantasy world where the laws of the land are governed by the players that own them. Players are not locked into any strict role but decide the role they wish to play in the world, be they a King or Commoner, Mercenary or Thief, Adventurer or Pirate, Blacksmith or Alchemist, Vampire or Vampire Hunter, Sorcerer or Priest, Trader or Bandit, Holy Paladin or an assassin for hire… or whatever you want to be… that’s just to name a few.

Anyone interested in “Seconds from Silence” can create an Abstract Era Account on our Registration page to learn more about the game. As our interest is to gather community feedback during development, we are offering a special reward for new registrants. New users that register during the special promotion will receive a 3 FREE MONTHS of game subscription credit to apply to their account after the game launches! That’s right, 3 FREE MONTHS! To receive the reward you simply need to register an Abstract Era Account on the Registration page and subscribe to our community newsletter.

Members of the site have access to post on our Community Forums. The Community Forums are a great place to learn more about “Seconds from Silence,” share your ideas with us, ask us your questions and get answers directly from the developers. Seconds from Silence is an online game and that means you’ll be playing the game with other real people across the world. The forums not only allow you to get to know us, the developers, but also get to know other members of the community that you may encounter during your travels. After you register, you may want to introduce yourself to the developers here at Abstract Era Entertainment as well as the other members of the community. We’d love to hear from you! (Please be sure to review our Forum Rules prior to posting.)

Signing up is free, easy and all of the information that is entered on our website is highly secure. Abstract Era Entertainment takes your privacy with the utmost regard; utilizes SSL encryption along with our in-house security protocols to ensure that your information is always safe. The registration form only requires that you enter in typical information that is standard by just about every website on the internet. You can read through our Privacy Policy if you would like to know more about how we protect your information or contact us at with any additional questions that you may have.

Get ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

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