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July 27, 2019

Earn Titles, Pets and even get access to an the Alpha Pillar Testing Clients once they are released through the launch of the new Donation Rewards Program that was made available to our community today. Members of the Seconds from Silence Community can now use the Donation Rewards Program to earn rewards for their donations! With this new Donations Program, every donation that a Member of the SFS Community makes adds up to unlock new REWARDS!

While Seconds from Silence will already contain a mass amount of content, we here at Abstract Era Entertainment would like to add even more exciting features and increase the amount of content that will be available. All donations are used explicitly for adding additional content to the Seconds from Silence world. It’s no secret that games are expensive to develop and every donation assists us with affording the costs of development. To show our appreciation towards our Donors, beginning today, Members will be able to achieve rewards for donating towards the development of Seconds from Silence!

Loads of Great Rewards!

The new Donation Rewards Program for Seconds from Silence offers loads of great rewards for any Member that wishes to support the development through donations. A really awesome feature of this new program is that as you donate, your donations add up to unlock even greater rewards. For example, if you donate 10 dollars today and then later donate another 15, the two amounts will be added together to unlock access to a Pillar Alpha Testing Client of your choice, once the alpha client is made available! (soon) It is out intent to increase and improve upon the current rewards that are available over time. If you have any suggestions for great rewards, drop in and let us know!

Here are few examples of some of the current rewards:

  • Access to a Pillar Alpha Testing Client of your choice!
  • (Pet Reward) Gain a Cat or Dog companion to join you on your travels!
  • Select a free horse to use at the start of your adventures! You will be able to assign the free horse to one character on your account. (This reward has a one-time use.)
  • Get a 48 Hour Head Start before Seconds from Silence is released to the general public!
  • Your characters get a “Ring of Recalled Soul” at the start of your adventures! If your character dies, while wearing the ring, their body will be teleported to the nearest safe location and be fully restored with no stat consequences. A “Ring of Recalled Soul” is destroyed after one use.
  • Get a 1 Month Head Start before Seconds from Silence is released to the general public!

Donates Add Up and you can Gift the Rewards!

Each donation that you make towards the development of Seconds from Silence adds up to a larger total and unlocks new rewards for your account! Each Donation Reward level is unique in it’s rewards and adds to any previous level rewards. That means if you unlock a Donation Reward that has One Month of Premium Membership and then unlock another Donation Reward level with the same reward, you get TWO Months of Premium at the launch of Seconds from Silence! You can also Donate and select another Member as the Benefactor for the Donation Rewards! If you want your friends to be able to join you in the Alpha Testing for a Pillar, select them as the Benefactor for the donation and donate on their behalf. ​

Donations Help Development

The more Donations we receive from the Community, the more content we will be able to add and the better that content will be. We all want Seconds from Silence to be one of the greatest games of our time and it is through community feedback and donations that this will be possible! We are also hoping to hear some suggestions for new rewards from all of you on our Community Forums!

If you want to check out the New Donation Rewards Platform, simply click the Donate Link in the upper right hand corner of the site or Click on the Link Below!

Stay tuned for more news and announcements from Abstract Era Entertainment!

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