Donations for Seconds from Silence

Help support the development of Seconds from Silence and be guaranteed access to the Pillar Alpha Testing Client of your choice! Every Donation we receive is used explicitly for the development costs of Seconds from Silence.

The more donations we receive from the community the more content we will be able to provide. By donating you'll be helping to make Seconds from Silence one of the greatest games of our time!


If donating towards a specific Pillar of Development you will receive access to the Alpha Testing Client for that Pillar once that Pillar's Alpha Testing Client becomes available. (Which is very soon!) As an alpha tester you will continue to have access to that Pillar’s testing client until all alpha testing has finalized and the game is ready to be launched. You will be able to play Seconds from Silence and also provide us with direct feedback during development!

By donating you agree to our Donation Refund Policy.

Seconds from Silence