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November 6, 2019

It has been quite an exciting month for all of us here at Abstract Era Entertainment as the First Pillar Alpha Client was released just over a week ago. It didn’t take very long for our Members of the P.A.C.T. (Pillar Alpha Client Testing) to download the client and begin to submit feedback. During the early phases of Focus Testing the customization options are being kept limited to keep the focus of the feedback we receive from Alpha Testers within the intended scope of each test. We are happy to announce that we have received a great deal of very well thought out feedback from Alpha Testers and as a result will be moving forward with the next test very soon.

We learned a great deal from this first Alpha Test and the suggestions that we’ve received from Alpha Testers have all been priceless. As we wrap up the first version of the Alpha Client and prepare to release the next version we wanted to explain the 2D Morph Widget for Character Morphing, discuss the process for Alpha Testing and offer an exciting limited time special promotion ($10 USD Donation for Full Alpha Access Reward) intended to assist our Team with affording to achieve additional goals we’d like to add as a result of Tester Feedback.

Focus Testing for Focused Feedback

For optimal results during the early phases of Alpha Testing we decided to use a common method of testing that is referred to in the Gaming Industry as Focus Testing. There are a variety of different forms of Focus Testing Methods but all forms of Focus Testing Methods have a Primary Focus Goal and a Secondary set of Focus Goals. The first Pillar Alpha Client was for the Character Creation Pillar which primarily featured a basic rough look at the intended layout for the Character Creator in Seconds from Silence. The Secondary Goals for this First Client also featured one of the Races, for Alpha Testers to customize, that will be populating the vast world. During these first weeks of Alpha Testing we will be increasing the customization options that are available and switching to and from different Races or Genders to accommodate the Primary and Secondary set of Goals for each Focus Test.

With each version of the Alpha Clients we will continue to move forward based on the feedback that we receive from Alpha Testers. Feedback is carefully analyzed and time is taken to consider the opinions of our Alpha Testers and how these suggestions, if implemented, will impact the overall picture. For example, if ninety percent of our Alpha Testers inform us through feedback that the Character Creator needs a way to rotate the Character (or the Camera around the Character) then it’s a pretty good indication that such a feature should be added. It also is important to note that the feedback we receive is not always universally agreed upon by the majority of Alpha Testers but we do consider and investigate all feedback that is submitted. In the event that feedback is conflicting (or otherwise disagreed upon) by a variety of Alpha Testers we escalate the matter in the form of a Poll or by means of Community Discussion on the Alpha Testing Sub-Forums. The direction we take during the development of Seconds from Silence is heavily influenced by Alpha Tester feedback and we consider this decision to be paramount towards the success of the game.

2D Plane Morphing System

Traditionally, the options for applying morphs to Player Characters during customization was handled through a set of Sliders that upon moving the slider one direction or another would apply a single Morph to the Character Model. While effective, this older and more traditional method can make it difficult to get the Character to look how the Player intends for it to look as customization options are increased. The more options that are made available for customizing the Character, the more apparent it becomes that the traditional slider method needs replaced with a method that is more advanced and easier to utilize with all the added options. While the traditional slider method is still being used for a few of the options in the Character Creator, it has largely been replaced with a custom 2 Dimensional Plane Morphing System.

2D Plane Morphing System Example

The 2 Dimensional Plane Morphing System replaces the old and outdated single slider method to allow multiple Morphs to be applied by moving a cursor across a 2 Dimensional Plane for more precision and control during Character customization. The majority of morph based customization options in the Seconds from Silence Character Creator are accessed through the use of this alternative Morphing System which utilizes the space within a 2 dimensional plane to mathematically calculate and apply morphs. Instead of being limited to only moving the Character’s Eyes up or down as with a traditional slider, the Player can instead move the Character’s Eyes up, down, closer together or further apart by clicking and moving their mouse around their screen. Through the use of the 2D Plane Morphing System, Players have more control over how they design their Character’s appearance during customization.

Limited Time Rewards Promotion

As a result of the brilliant feedback that Alpha Testers have provided to our Team we are offering a special limited time promotion to fund additional content that has been suggested. Beginning now and ending on November the 11th (Monday) at midnight EST, any Member of the Community that donates a minimum of 10 USD towards the development of Seconds from Silence will gain access to Alpha Testing in all Four Pillars of Development.

(Note: If you live in a country that does not use USD, please use a currency calculator to make a donation in your currency that is equal to 10 USD.)

Promotion Rewards:

  • Alpha Client Access – Character Creation Pillar 
  • Alpha Client Access – Combat Pillar 
  • Alpha Client Access – Building Pillar
  • Alpha Client Access – Ruling Pillar 
  • Alpha Master Title (Forums and In-Game)
  • Access to Alpha Testers Sub-Forums

In order to participate in this limited time promotion please login to your account and donate a minimum of 10 USD towards the development of Seconds from Silence between now and next Monday at midnight. The promotional rewards will be applied to your account within 24 hours of your donation. Alpha Client Access is made available upon Alpha Client availability. Anyone can participate in this limited time crowdfunding event but a valid account is required in order to login, donate and receive the rewards for participation. All rewards are permanent and Members that participate in this promotion will continue to have access to the Alpha Clients until all Alpha Testing has finished and Seconds from Silence is ready to be launched.

Donations Help Development

The more Donations we receive from the Community, the more content we will be able to add and the better that content will be. We all want Seconds from Silence to be one of the greatest games of our time and it is through community feedback and donations that this will be possible! We are also hoping to hear some suggestions for new rewards from all of you on our Community Forums!

With this special limited time promotion, making one 10 USD donation gets you access to Alpha Testing in all Four Pillars of Development. Don’t miss your chance to save on rewards and in doing so help our Team add more content based directly on Alpha Tester feedback. Donate now and begin your adventures with this special limited time promotion!

Stay tuned for more news and announcements from Abstract Era Entertainment!

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